“Shit Men Say to Men Who Say Shit to Women on the Street” was inspired by International Anti-Street Harassment Week.

It was created by a group of women and men in NYC who believe that street harassment is wrong, and that we all have a role to play in ending it - especially us guys.

The video shows some non-violent ways that men can interrupt street harassment as it happens. (And it happens all the time. Seriously. Go check. We will wait.)

Join us by sharing this video. And the next time you witness street harassment - and you will - say some shit. Please.

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I love these guys.

I wish this were commonplace. :<

“REALLY MAN?!” *throws hat*

I think my favorite was the porch full of dudes, going “ARRRGGHHH” in unison.

The porch bit (0:46) and daffodil dude (0:41) are ace. I also liked:

“You’re giving Dominican men a bad name.” (1:22)
“You’re giving the Bronx a bad name!” (1:23)
“C’mon son, you’re giving Queens a bad name” (1:24)
“You’re really giving white guys a bad name.” (1:27)
“You’re also giving black guys a bad name.” (1:30)
“You’re giving us ALL a pretty bad name.” (1:32)

And (0:22) “Sweetheart, please stop perpetuating the patriarchal (??), it is SO over.” 

using in class

This. <3. Shout-out to some of NYC’s awesome male advocates fighting against sexual harassment/violence!

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