Calling myself out

It’s true that, among the people from my high school who have become famous, all but one of them has had seeeeerious connections in the entertainment business. There is of course nepotism involved, but if my mom was an actor and I wanted to be one, I’m sure she’d pull strings.

I’m not that enthused about the work most of them are doing. But there’s of course a minor twinge of jealousy considering how little money I make.

Yet I do wonder if I’d come down as hard were they male. Am I being too critical because of their gender? I don’t think so, I don’t know, but I’m going to try and be fairer. I’ll give “Girls” (since you all know what I’m talking about) a real shot.

Negativity, be gone.

And besides: they’re doing the damn thing, regardless of the strings that were pulled. Smart, capable women should be valued, and that’s what they all are.

Well, except for one of them (heh).


Justin Gerald

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