Fact: it was unregulated recklessness by rapacious rich folks that got us into this mess. So-called lazy poor people did not cause this.

But, many want to make the lives of poor people harder. Because the poor can’t afford good PR.

Fact is, welfare does need to be reformed. Those who abuse it need to be cracked down on. But if you toss it away and say that either random NGOs will definitely swoop in and save the day, or lie to yourself and pretend that entirely unfettered corporate behavior has ever or will ever care about the underprivileged if not pressured to do so, you’re a fool.

Even if you believe that removing all welfare would somehow incentivize upward mobility, which is dumb, I have yet to see a viable plan for how the needy would be helped. Relying entirely on charity will just leave people with less food and shelter than they have now.

People need to just admit they don’t care about the underprivileged. It would be a lot more honest than what people say now.


Justin Gerald

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