Gays are now a violent, terrorizing sect of people. Miss California was threatened because of an opinion. Gays sodomize on our public beaches and streets. They ransack churches. Blaspheme religion and had public sex on Folsom Street They caused many to lose their jobs in Cailfornia because they voted their conscience on Prop 8.. Gays generate and transmit the HIV/AIDS pandemic threatening everyones life.
In essence Gays are now the bully on the block. They are non gay bigots . They are intolerable of non gays.

People have a right to fear Gays behavior as Gays disregard and trample others rights and free speech,

Hate speech laws now under consideration by a Gay advocating Democrat Congress protecting this abhorrent Gay Behavior will trample our first Amendment and everyones right to free spech.

— In case you all think we don’t have to keep fighting!

Justin Gerald

Age: 28 Hometown: NYC Location: NYC Career: Education Undergrad: Princeton Grad: New School Likes: Cooking, Baseball, Socializing, Parks, Pop Culture, Feminism Loves: Traveling, Running, Lifting, Trivia, Teaching, Equality