I guess my final thought is...

Re: Girls etc.

Do extremely privileged white folks - even though who personally knew me for about five or six years - actually not think we exist here in New York, or do they just not care?

I think I’m unique in a way: I have actually made a concerted effort to have a pretty varied group of friends, so that any fiction I write includes my expansive worldview. “What I Know” includes people of most every ilk. Some better than others, yeah, but it’s certainly more than one or two.

And the reason I’m more up in arms about this than, say, Entourage being a dickish show about dicks is not to excuse that boorish show, but because, I mean, did she just forget about us? There weren’t that many minorities at our HS, and I’m sure not so many at her college, but we existed, and we continue to.

I guess the point is, there’s only room for so many shows to be praised to the high heavens each year.

And it’s not that hard. NBC does it. Did Dan Harmon grow up with middle-aged Christian black women? Did Mike Schur grow up with Indians from North Carolina?

No one wants tokenism. But if you make them real characters, we all get a share of the success. As such, we’ll just get more xeroxes of this model that leaves us out.

If only there was another Tyler Perry who didn’t write about aggressively heterosexual Christians with no white friends (seriously, my group of friends would not be allowed on TV).


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