Mature Young Adults

With all that’s been said, it’s good we have a bit more equality in entertainment about spoiled man-children and spoiled women-children but…. why for we can’t have something about young folks who are not layabouts? This isn’t a smack at the good entertainment that’s out there. Hell, Louie, on Louie, is pretty pathetic, and I wouldn’t change that. But I’d love to find, on TV or in the movies, a young dude/lady/etc (maybe of color? maybe one day) who has a plan and is going after it. Trust me, you can put compelling obstacles in their way aside from immaturity. But I guess I’ve never been a huge fan of coming-of-age stuff where the characters were older than Scout Finch.

You see I’m 25. I have been very lucky in life and I know it. I can relate to certain types  of feelings and relationships, and I can see myself in certain things. But they have yet to make someone like me who isn’t an awful, cold-hearted human being. Someone who cares deeply about his friends and his students and works hard.

I have plenty of flaws. But you’d probably have to make it high-concept to make it interesting to a studio or network.

Which is fine.

Let’s think of some.

A mature young adult of color gets… body-switched with an elderly white lady!

A mature young adult of color gets…. transported to a world where no one is mature! Wait, that’s just “Idiocracy” isn’t it? Damn.

Mike Judge, ya beat me to the punch!


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