As many of you know, my computer is in the shop.

So, until I get it back, I will be posting my entries on tumblr.

I will tag you in the link below the status.

So here’s today’s.

Can you think of the day when everything was going wrong and the words or actions of a stranger served to cheer you up?

On sunday, I found out my computer was broken, and that I wouldn’t get it back for a few weeks.

I am not one for anger, but then a date cancelled on me, and everything was just going to shit.

On top of that, my last semester of school was about to begin, and I was not particularly looking forward to it.

My problems don’t amounts to a hill of beans, but they still got to me a little bit.

After sending my computer to the factory, I walked towards the bus station. My shopping bag fell apart. Ugh.

I didn’t have to work monday so I went out for the night.

Later on, I stopped for some food, and the server was just so kind and respectful to me, that I just brightened right up.

Yes, servers are supposed to be kind, but not all of them are and at that particular moment it was exactly what I needed to face down this final semester, and all of the other things I have to deal with right now.

The lesson is only that you should be as kind as possible to strangers because they might be having really bad days.

What are youre tales of stranger kindness?

Peace and love, Justinpbg


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