So, this is my penultimate time trekking out to this office - and let’s be real; this is far more an office than a school, which is fine at my next job since they are a nonprofit that does lots of things, but this place is very much like a shoddy hagwan - and I was reminded of a real reason why morale is so low here.

The pay isn’t too high, but, no, that’s not a big problem. They aren’t underhanded about the salary here - it is what it is and you accept it or you don’t.

No, it’s that there is absolutely no collaboration. I overheard one of the friendlier full-time teachers just now, and he was upset about something the admin wouldn’t help him with. Whatever.

But he also used this opportunity to say, “Adjuncts get (whatever he wanted, which I missed). Adjuncts are supposed to come second.”

Of course, he is technically right. Senior employees absolutely get first priority in most work environments. It’s assumed, but it’s not supposed to be said where all of us can hear it.

“Not only do you not matter, but you’re not supposed to matter.”

And it was pretty sad that I considered this the status quo for long enough because the rest of my life and my actual classroom time was fun.

But the next environment, from what I know so far, is going to be miles away from this (and literally so, since it’s very close to my apartment).

And I can’t wait.


Justin Gerald

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