Sorry. I haven’t written a real post on here in ages.

Let me give you peeps the rundown then.

Life is pretty good for the J man. I didn’t have much to say about the Oscars because yawn. Hope next year we’ll get a movie I love nominated.

Love my teaching. My new students are quieter but warming up to me after two classes. And I guess my old students liked me a lot since they beam whenever they see me. And our last class was less than two weeks ago, so that’s a nice feeling. For the next couple of weeks I’m also “teaching” but really just proctoring this extra four hours of lab for students who basically fucked up during their previous semester. One of them is in level two and…. her approach is all wrong. To get things wrong is fine. But her approach is, get things wrong, shove the book at me and have me tell her what’s wrong. But of course, if I tell her, she doesn’t quite understand. Now, were this the beginner class (which I teach), it would be understandable. But somehow she passed. It worries me that she absorbed nothing and passed. 

But she’s not my student.


There’s something to be said for listening to people who know what they’re talking about. I decided, for some reason, that I could just gradually increase  my running length once a month. I was on the right track (and I still intend to do this), but, lord, I really could have hurt myself continuing to try and run without water. Of course, I was drinking water before and after the run, but, because Central Park turns off their damn fountains in the winter, and I didn’t want to carry the shit, I told myself I could just will myself through long runs.

And I did, three times. My knees and hips killed.

I finally went to a nutrition clinic a few weeks ago and boy did that shake things up for me. I learned that my diet is pretty damn good for endurance, but that it’s very very important to consume calories of some sort for a super long run. I had thought things like powerade were purely unhealthy, but it turns out the type of sugar they have really can be used for energy and immediately so.

So this weekend - at the gym, because it was extremely windy outside - I took two bottles of powerade with me, put myself at a rate to chug through 13.2 miles in about 115 minutes and, with two short two minute breaks, just.. did it. And although I was tired by the end, yeah, no joint pain, no shooting pain, no twinges.

And this is all before my energy GUs (stuff specifically designed for long distance running etc) arrive in the mail.

I got this marathon on lock.

Soon to begin work on fundraising for it (this shit is like a part time job altogether).

Schoolwork is fine. One class is interesting for the brain, one very practical (and I like filming myself) though the technology fails sometimes.

Check out (first and last) for videos of me teaching throughout the semester.

Dating… next question. 

Friends are fantastic, the dumb dumb roommate is moving out THIS WEEK yay. And it’s been, like, 50 degrees all month long, which does not bode well for our continued life on this earth, but for now it’s nice.

Depending on my tax refund, I might get enough money to afford this planned trip to the Amazon without having to truly sweat. That would be lovely.

And I need another pair of dress shoes and I need to repair my fancy but beaten down overcoat.

So now you all know er’thing. :)


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