Now that's how you make an exit

I was on the bus. Some horrible, unruly children got on the bus with their harried mother. (If you were curious, they were white. Not relevant though.)

Kids must have been ten, eight, three, and one. The babies were crying. The older kids were dragging the younger kids behind them and carrying them in ways that babies should not be carried.

For the entire ride, they screamed and yelled and the entire bus was doing the half-glare stare.

We felt bad for the mom but were annoyed at the poorly behaved children who kept screaming and demanding things.

You get thoughts in your head. You think of telling the mother to get her kids under control, but that’s rude and it won’t actually solve the problem.

So you come up with the best possible solution. You wait, and you pick your spot, and you deliver it well.

The urchins and the sad, exhausted mother got off at Columbus, and a young couple had to help her carry her giant stroller off the bus while two of the babies cried outside.

So, soon as they left, I strolled up to the front of the bus, turned to the young couple, and, smiling, said, “And the Republicans want to get rid of Birth Control.”

They laughed and I got off.

Yay me. Heh.


Justin Gerald

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