Okay, now I'm angry

I’m not worried. My bosses stood up for me. And I confirmed with my co-teacher, that these students earned their poor grades.

I hesitate to say this, but having lived in Korea I know enough to say that it’s customary to complain about bad grades and either have them changed or have the educator reprimanded.

So I gave these students the grades they earned. There were a lot of Ds in there. Some D+s. And I really was expecting a lot better. They did fine on the midterm and all the other tests. They just completely bombed the final. Like, completely.

The natural thing is to blame yourself. They clearly blamed me. I wonder what I could have done better.

But truly, no, considering how much my professor praised my work in my videos, I know I taught well this semester.

I gave them the same final. I taught better than I ever have. And they did far worse. Last semester I had 27 students and I did very well.

Hell, these students liked me enough to give me a cake today. They just don’t like the grades they earned.

They went above my head to complain. Just because of their final grades.

I did that once in college. I got a bad grade and emailed my professor angrily, and he calmly told me that it was apparent that I hadn’t done the required reading. And I couldn’t argue with that. I earned every bad grade I received in college.

It hurts. It does. This is part of teaching, though, and they dropped the ball when it came time to be assessed.

I’m babbling. I do my job very well. It’s a shame they don’t really do theirs.
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