Reasons Why I Am Amazing

I woke up (with no alarm) and looked at my watch.

Now, it said 6:17. It’s three minutes fast, so, 6:14.

I wake up at 6:30 during the week. I have been waking up at 5:30 on Saturdays for running. I have to run today but not until 8 so I set my alarm for…. 6:15.

Which is to say this is not a time I usually wake up.

But I looked at my watch and, instantly, alarm goes off.

I am amazing.


Justin Gerald

Age: 28 Hometown: NYC Location: NYC Career: Education Undergrad: Princeton Grad: New School Likes: Cooking, Baseball, Socializing, Parks, Pop Culture, Feminism Loves: Traveling, Running, Lifting, Trivia, Teaching, Equality