My headphones broke, which sucks because it was right at the beginning of my long run.

Thus I had to watch an hour of tvv, which sucks on sat afternoon so I watched the shows they provided (with captions).

And boy howdy. I’ve seen the show before, and it’s fine, but an hour of the Big Bang Theory is.. Lord Jesus that show gets old fast.

And it’s Sheldon who took Michael Scott’s last chance at an Emmy? Sheldon who beat Louis CK and Jack Donaghy too? Hell, even Leonard is better because he has more than one register.

But awards are dumb. Worse, Sheldon has his foot on Community’s neck and he’s probably going to finish off the assassination starting next Thurs. And that’s awful.

CBS should be everyone’s pop culture nemesis yet they’re bigger than all of the things (and viacom owns them and vh1 and mtv so… ew).

Mosby and co can move to another channel (or meet the damn mother and be done). Sheldon keeps getting bigger, too, now that he had awards love. Will we ever be rid of this braying donkey? I do not know.
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