Above, a video by Rosebell Kagumire, a Ugandan multimedia journalist who works on ”media, women, peace and conflict issues.” She writes, “This is me talking about the danger of portraying people with one single story and using old footage to cause hysteria when it could have been possible to get to DRC and other affected countries get a fresh perspective and also include other actors.”

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This is why doing your own research (a quick Google search or something) clears up misinformation which can run rampant on Tumblr.

People need to listen to her. 

She wins all the awards.

The more you know…

I need to post this on Facebook for my friends list full of sheeople to see.

!!! So important.

“if you’re showing me as voiceless, as hopeless, you have no space telling my story. you shouldn’t be telling my story” 


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