WTF Drunks

Two short posts this morning before work.

First, drunken fool stumbling around the East Village at an intersection last night. He was trying to hug women, who wouldn’t have it - and at least he stopped when they moved away - and he also got way up on guys (not hugging, just staring at them). I put him here because he treated women differently but this guy seems most like a drunken dumbass. Still, he’s on the list.

Second, I ran (literally) to catch the express bus at 14th and 1st and went straight to the back to sit down. There were two women near the back, and I can’t pretend I didn’t notice their existence. Just after I sat down, though, three fucking halfwits came and sat down. One of them - sigh, a minority - passed them and said, loudly, “she real pretty, she real pretty.”

So, for most of the ride they were just audibly stupid (and drunk) but then, at, I dunno, 34th, the same guy turned to one of them and said, again, “Excuse me, miss, but you real pretty.” This, I think, is annoying and a microaggression, but it could have been worse. So, he immediately made it worse. She said thanks, and he thanked her for saying thanks since most women don’t. Which implies he goes around saying this shit all day long. Then he added, sigh, “Well it’s your fault for wearing that dress.” So he’s a sexual-harassment-apologist cliche.

I feel like I should have said something but as the women were just being annoyed rather than endangered I didn’t feel like getting into it with three large drunk people. So I just sat there and felt embarrassed to share a gender with them.

They got off before the women (and I) did and I immediately - and with humor - apologized “on behalf of my gender.” They laughed but the idiocy couldn’t be undone.

This isn’t really about me though. It’s about fuckers who weren’t raised right.

They’re on the list. And though they were drunk (and clearly mooching off their parents - you don’t live at 57th and 1st without a lot of money), that’s no excuse.

Fucking neanderthals. No, I bet neanderthals didn’t bother walking around saying “she real pretty.”


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