WTF Sigh...

I don’t even have much to say about Trayvon Martin. This isn’t a gender thing though - it’s color. But that being said, of course it was a dude who took it upon himself to be race-based Batman and chase a kid down for running away from a random dude chasing him.

You know, I used to hang out in a lot of random white neighborhoods. Not so much in NYC (there really is no such thing as a neighborhood where you won’t see any black people here; maybe Flushing, ha). But when I was at summer camp, or, particularly, when I worked, for a sad, annoying week, as a canvasser for Save the Children.

I was terrible at this job. Some days I brought in, like, twenty-five dollars, and some days I brought in, like, 250. But every day we wandered around random developments and bothered people in their homes. What we were doing was annoying but not criminal. Anyway, I could very easily have been mistaken for “troublesome” if Mr. Zimmerman had been around. I could have been Trayvon, easily. And I’m not brave enough not to run if a large man randomly comes running after me.

But I can’t even get mad. I’m just sad. I’m not shocked. I’m not surprised. I live in a world where people who self-identify the way I do (young black males) are considered to be criminals first and foremost. And many of us lose our lives or our livelihoods because of it.


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