WTF Terrible Families

Listening to a caller on the Savage Lovecast from a (seemingly) terrified young woman at age 17 who has a slightly older cousin who has been harassing her. This isn’t even the worst part: she’s brought it up with her family, and the implication is that she’s the one who will be blamed for bringing it on herself (she has a southern accent too so I’m not going to read tooooo much into that buuuut….).

So many people (yeah, mostly men, but I assume she has a mother too) really still believe, even in 2012, that a woman should keep her mouth shut if she feels she’s being disrespected or worse.

I have little else to say. It’s just depressing. Every time I hear about this I think I’m going to go back to my superhero story that’s sort of about this, but for now, I’ll write here.

I only hope she was listening today and she can make it through okay.


Justin Gerald

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