I'm a PC (Originally Published 10/19/11)

It's occurred to me that most of the time when people speak out against political correctness are usually just saying jerky things. I will say that I agree that there should not be any restrictions on their ability to say something about this or that group of people. If you want to generalize, you should definitely feel free. I'm sure I do it too. You are allowed to say what you want, so long as it's not advocating violence etc.

I'm talking mostly about people who say something, and then someone express displeasure or offense, and their reaction is “Stop being PC!” (or sometimes “stop being sensitive,” but we'll stick to PC for the purposes of this discussion). Again, if you want to say things that may offend, okay.

But let me ask the anti-PC crowd (few of whom will read this, but still): why is it we feel the need to do this? Amongst friends and without malice, it's likely you won't cause any pain. But, to those with whom you are less immediately familiar, is there a need to call someone “gay” or “retarded?” Or to compare being photographed to being raped? Or, more importantly, if you happen to say such a thing, it can indeed be a mistake. When someone is hurt by it, why defend your “right” to be a dick? Yeah, you can be like that if you want. But why do you want to?

Look. I'm not nice to everyone. I say mean things sometimes. I try not to, but I slip up. But the goal is not to be perfect. The goal is to accept criticism and work with it, not immediately throw up a wall of angry defense.

Or, if you truly disagree with why they're upset, you can talk to them about it. With respect, and NOT by dismissing their feelings.

We all have the right to be as unPC as we want. The question is simply why that would be something we would want at all if others are hurt by it.

Peace and love,

Justin PBG


Justin Gerald

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