GRE Thoughts, Vol 4

1. These word problems (yes I'm still in the math section) are written in such an absurd way. No one writes this way, and if the point is to make the skills truly applicable, then writing questions in a convoluted manner does not actually achieve this. But I suppose that isn't the point. It's like a mid-career Shyamalan movie, just trying to trick you for no reason.

2. What graduate degree actually involves figuring out how long it would take two individuals to complete the same task? This is such a common word problem that there is apparently a formula for it that I guess I'm going to have to memorize and mourn whatever piece of knowledge falls out of my head to accommodate it.

3. What's frustrating about this is that, unlike a lot of things, as an educator, I can kinda sorta see how the skills could really help. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I end up doing math on the treadmill or in races more easily. And everything sort of turns into a word problem without thinking about it. But it's just, like, two turns of the screw away from being really concrete and grounded, and that's disappointing. Math is a necessary part of life, even if calculators and computers can do all the arithmetic. But people hate it because it's taught and tested so poorly, and here this test is, perpetuating that same line of nonsense.

4. A small part of me remembers how much I once enjoyed solving a math problem. But back then I had few interests that involved other people, so math was I guess a way to escape or hide. These days, everything else is far more compelling to me. But I can see why it was fun twenty-five years ago. 

5. I actually think I'll do pretty well on this section, better than I expected at the start. I've been hurriedly doing practice sets on my twenty-five minute subway ride (it's longer than that, but that's how long I usually have a seat). With actual time and focus, I should do okay. I wasn't thinking that would happen, but, you get out what you put in, and it's going better than I thought.

On to the writing section, which I expect won't be as challenging. This was kinda fun, even though I really do not care how long it takes Latisha to paint a damn wall.


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