GRE Thoughts, Vol 5

Only three more weeks. But there's less running, and I'm not getting as deeply personal on here anymore, so GRE thoughts are what you're going to get!

1. I found another typo in a question that makes the answer the opposite. Come on, Kaplan. You had one job!

2. The writing section doesn't seem super hard. It mostly reinforces how sad it is that so few young Americans are taught to write or to use critical thinking well.

3. That said, many other countries don't teach this at all - I remember having a discussion with a colleague in Korea about this and he didn't know what I was talking about. I also had many students in my ESL writing class simply regurgitate summaries to me. Essentially, essays were book reports.

4. Does that make it less sad that we suck at writing because we do, on some level, try? Or sadder because, having decided that critical thinking is important, we fail to teach it well? I don't know.


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