You get so focused on pace, you forget that it's really about how you feel. Because your speed doing repeats will not translate quite precisely to a race.

In the winter, I was trying to avoid races where my stomach felt awful. So I think I shied away from puke-speed training. And I think that made all the difference.

I still am not at my fastest paces, but it's the offseason (as much as any time really is) and it's getting warmer. I want to cut my .6 mile (it's a weird length loop) time from the 3:23 it is now (so, about 2:48-2:49 800s) to 3:12 (2:39-2:40) by October. Mind you, my best work on the track has always been against teammates, and this is alone, so I'm bound to be a bit slow until I get it back.

But today, on the last repeat, I had to stop and take deep breaths to hold my banana down when I finished. And I realized, if I can go back to doing this every week, plus hill repeats, my form will return, and my comfort with discomfort will as well. And I'll be back.

And now, to mess it all up with Reunions tomorrow. 

But all signs are positive.


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