When things are going well, it all feels like everything has led to it, so it's clearly a cognitive bias.

With that said, I think, often, about how my parents, either deliberately or just because that's who they are, raised me to be stubborn and independent yet not self-destructive (most of the time). So I refused to learn to write clearly, or take certain careers. And this is all something my parents gave me, the option to choose to do my own thing, even before I knew what it was.

I happen to recently have figured out what it was, but it's clear that in all the time beforehand, I was just searching, and I felt lost and confused until I ran myself into being a new person and my skills and talents were clear.

You've heard the story before. But when I think of this year, and moving father into my 30s, it's finding the ways to enhance my skills and enjoy my life and create as good of one as I can for the people around me.

Onward to another year then.


Justin Gerald

Age: 28 Hometown: NYC Location: NYC Career: Education Undergrad: Princeton Grad: New School Likes: Cooking, Baseball, Socializing, Parks, Pop Culture, Feminism Loves: Traveling, Running, Lifting, Trivia, Teaching, Equality