Race Report: 2017 Queens 10k

yeaaaaah nope.

I'm banged up and I'm only just now admitting to myself that I'm not a running machine.

I've been searching for "answers" to why I've slowed down since last spring. Looking for some existential clues.

But it's the simplest answer, you know? I'm not physically 100% and, like the subway and its broken signals, I keep running 24/7.

Specifically, my left leg, probably because I'm right handed and right-heavy, tends to get tight, always has since I started running, and I probably banged it into the ground in the two years I ran 9 miles a day (I still can't believe I both did that and excelled during it). I am sure it starts in my lower back, which has always been tight since a rugby injury in 2005, and then leads to my hip, which leads to my quad and hamstring and calf. Even my left foot is tight.

It's not painful, so I don't want to call any of it an "injury" when people are out there tearing muscles. But it restricts my range of motion and forces my right leg to do more of the work, and so here I am trying to PR with one and a half legs and, no.

I can do fine in intervals, because they just don't last very long. And honestly, today it was humid and so I would have been a minute faster with better weather. But I am going to take two weeks to try and find every tight spot. I start training in early July, but will make sure my intensity is lower before really ramping it up as the summer goes on. And by the fall, I want to be the best I've ever been.


Justin Gerald

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