The Last 24 Hours

I've been on a Serious Face kick on here, baring my soul and such to you. And I'll continue to do that, of course. But today I wanted to share something that I thought was pretty funny.

So, not to put the cart before the horse, but my supervisors seem to think highly of my work, because a woman left my job a couple of months ago and they turned to me yesterday and suggested I go up for it.

Since I technically work for a school, this doesn't just happen, and I have to apply for it officially. 

So I told my wife, who was happy, and told a friend, and then set some time aside today to apply.

I needed a cover letter and a resume. Easy, right? Well, not quite, because I obviously don't have a resume on my computer at my new job. I absolutely didn't expect to have to have a new resume for a while, so the resume still says I work at my last job. I also had to find a way to retrieve it. I can't use google drive (where I have it) at work, so I went into drive on my phone and downloaded it, then I emailed it to myself, then I downloaded that to my work computer.

I set about making it up to date, and then I went back over it, and I realized that, like most people, my resume sure does have some "puffery" in it, the type of wording that is grandiose because that's how we're taught to write them. It seemed silly to write that way to people I already work for, so I tweaked it. But then I thought about how they probably still have my old resume (it was only last October when I applied), so changing it might seem odd? But I still changed it a little, and messed with the formatting a bit.

And then the cover letter. Usually the cover letter is a way to introduce yourself and brag, as well as showing off your writing skills. But you can't very well introduce yourself to people who already supervise you. And you surely can't brag in that cover letter way to people you already work with.

So I wrote one that was honest about my skills (the internal promotion would certainly force me to develop skills that are currently lying dormant), and tried to balance between appreciating their support and making a case for why I'd be a good choice. It was an interesting tightrope.

And then the part on the website where they ask how I found out about the job. 

All in all, an amusing little experience. But the actual point is, I now work in a place where the people above me are 1. educators and damned good ones and 2. see talent and want to nurture and develop it. I think that's why so many people have been on this project for many years.

There are currently 19 of us working here, and more than half of us have been working here for 5 years or more. It's a good place to be, and, even if this promotion doesn't pan out, I am lucky to be here, and that they even thought of me.


Justin Gerald

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