The True Evil

I have friends (or maybe they should be ex-friends) who think racism isn't that bad. Or that affirmative action is mean. That because we're not being chased by lynch mobs, things are way better.

Well, they're chasing us with cars now. And here's the president saying some of them are "fine people."

The worst part about all this, to me, is that I don't think Donald Trump really hates anyone because of their group membership, so long as their group isn't "people who don't genuflect in his presence." In 2000, he, unprompted, said the Reform party skeeved him out because it had too many racists in it (look it up).

And people like him are the problem. Always have been, always will be. No matter how many people were being lynched back in the day, it wasn't very many in the grand scheme of things. As awful as what happened this weekend was, I'm not actually afraid of Nazis when I walk out my door (maybe if I lived in the South...).

No, the true terror is the people who shrug and just focus on the handful of things, and people, that matter to them. And if those things and people benefit them, they'll smile and embrace them.

There are millions and millions of Trumps out there, just with less individual power. Are you one of them? Do you see bigotry and ignore it if it doesn't have any effect on you and yours? Do you only pay attention when it directly impacts you?

Bannon, Miller, David Duke, all those people, yeah, scum. But we knew that. I think Trump actually knows that. But for a lot of people, they'll accept scumbags if they help them do what they want.

Are you one of these people? Is your heart that small? Because, aside from the actual murderers, a piece of garbage who believes hateful things is terrible, but a person who just lets that mess slide and looks the other way, or tries to play "both sides," or defends it? That's the real evil.

And if you know that to be true of yourself or anyone you know, do the most powerful thing you can do: take your love and remove it from their life. Remove it. Deny them affection, respect, time. "Oh well it's your mother." Too bad. Remove it.

And do it now, before it all spreads even more.


Justin Gerald

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