Behavioral Book Breakdowns

So. I'm going to do this in a focused way. I read so many books about behavioral design, and I sprinkle what I learn into here. I hope to study how it can be used in education at some point. But for now, I have this outlet, I read these books, and I want to put it to use.

So, I am going to, book by book, give a breakdown of the themes and lessons from some books that have resonated for me, and then offer my analysis of how it can be used in education, which is something I will be doing just as a guess, but hopefully do so in a compelling fashion.

Books you can expect to see analyzed include "Nudge" (Thaler and Sunstein), "Misbehaving" (Thaler), "Invisible Influence" (Berger), "Faster, Better, Stronger" (Duhigg). There will be others (I've already read those, and have more at home to pick through), and maybe the list will change, too. But the first book, the one that helped me become a strong runner and that sparked my interest in the subject that I expect may be part of my life's work, will be "The Power of Habit," also by Duhigg.

Look for this series to begin in September at some point. All such entries going forward will be tagged with "Behavioral Design."