Race Report: 2017 Percy Sutton Harlem 5k/2017 Fall Marathon Training Week #8

Time: 18:29/Mileage for week: 43 (after tomorrow's easy 10 miles)

Yay! Not a PR (that's still 17:55), but I ran negative splits (though with a giant downhill in mile 3, you'd hope so), and I didn't fade on or after the hills, and I really did a nice job in mile 3 at 5:40. I could have done better on the .1 but whatever.

Was in third place for the team, but was close to the leaders so my performance was a boon to the team.

And I was under 6 for the first time in 2017. 

This doesn't mean I'm home free to go back to PR marathon levels yet, no. But it does mean the monkey is off my back (well, out of my head) from Boston. And it means that the Bronx and SI should go well, and that even if I fall behind in those races I can come back.

It took me until this week to admit publicly that Boston broke me. Last year was rough, but you figure these things happen. But when it happened AGAIN, although I dragged myself to the finish, it said to me I couldn't hang with the big boys (and girls). I felt like a fraud, who can only do well here in NYC, not a real sub-3 BQ guy. So when I started off poorly in other races, my brain sort of shut me down and I had three piss poor races (I'm glad there were only 3). I finally went back to the track, and changed my training up a bit, and I was determined not to let my head get me down today, and it didn't.

I've run faster before, but the key is that I now believe I'll run faster again.

I think I'm back. Finally. (Just in time to go on vacation and screw it up.)



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