2017 Fall Marathon Training Week #5

Miles: 41ish (race week means fewer before and after)

Good and bad week. Hit my bridge pace more or less, really failed on race day as you saw yesterday.

This hereby marks the end of part 1 of marathon training. I've built a base (and will continue to up the longest run, but otherwise my routine will be fairly similar). And the results thus far are encouraging in every way except for racing. My form is improved, my cramping has gone away with the salt pills and I lost some weight. But races are what it's about and so I need to do more.

Monday and Weds nights have thus far been a quick weight lift and not much else (unless I go out). Those resources (ie, time) are being diverted to training, with an additional five miles (solo) Monday nights and a recommitment to the track Weds nights. I've been thinking and talking and reading, and I think my race day issues are that I haven't been training to keep up with slightly faster people like I used to, which means on race day, when people pull ahead, I mostly let them go, and once you let them go, psychologically, it's hard to stay as focused on excellence and it becomes more like survival and hanging out. This started during the marathon last year and has continued this year through all but two races. It ends now.

By the 5k in a few weeks I want, no, need to be able to keep up with my teammates. And by the Bronx, I want to be able to say I have a good chance of leading the team. I definitely want to lead the team on marathon day. And I still have the skill to do so, provided I focus up.

I'm cutting back on the drinks - I upped them after Boston as it got warmer and, in truth, I was kind of upset to do so poorly once again - and will also take a monthly cliche mirror pic to see if I can visually see the difference as I recommit. I've already lost some weight, but I can tell I'm still a bit more bloated than I want to be, and I want to go lean as the fall approaches.

If all this works, I'll have my formula forever. If it doesn't, maybe I'm just losing my touch. But I don't think that's true yet. We'll see. 20 mile training run next Sunday.


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