No Countries Are Better Than Others

There aren't any bad ones, either. There are regimes, leadership, things with which most disagree. There are many, many countries in which conditions are unpleasant or worse.

But is a country simply its statistics and laws? Is a culture defined by what the rulers want to impose?

A country is its people, more than anything else. Every country has history, and every history is comprised of the acts of its people.

Every country has ugliness in its past - and present - and to be honest, there are certainly some to which I'd rather not move or travel at the moment. But one's own personal taste has nothing to do with the value of a group of citizens.

Aside from the outliers, every large group of people just wants health and safety for themselves and their loved ones. People often try to achieve this in destructive, damaging ways, of course. 

But the fact is, for everyone coming up with reasons why every country is actually "good," the people who would actually denigrate another entire country aren't about to listen to that.

Frankly, I wish our leaders (even the ones I like) would stop calling this the "greatest country on Earth." I know why they do it, it makes some simpletons happy. But there are no great countries, because that would necessitate the existence worse ones.

Wherever you are, your country is fine, like all the other ones.

Even if your leader isn't worth the air he breathes.


Justin Gerald

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