Middle Goals

If I'm going to get back to where I want to be as a runner, I need to hit my middle goals. That's the shorter races, distances 10k to half, where I run well and don't fade. 

Last year, I should have known the marathon would fail after all my build-up races didn't go well. Yes, it was hot and/or humid for those, but still, at my best, I'd've done much better.

And I should have known this was the case for all of last year, since I only rarely held a strong pace even in the shortest races.

This is not foolproof, as my precursor races for Boston 2016 went great and then... that happened. But I truly think that that was just not being mentally able to deal with having to run slower because of the weather. Won't happen again if I can make it back to Boston for 2020.

So, the 60 mile weeks and the quality workouts now are important. Every week has a few longer runs and bridges plus two examples of intervals (bridges were cut a bit short today as I was sore), so I expect the shorter races to go well enough to give me the push to the big ones in the fall.


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