Reflections after Marathon #8 didn't go according to plan

  1. The fitness is there. It will remain there. And it can return if I train any year I’m off my game. Good.

  2. I felt my muscles tighten from almost the beginning. This was not a good sign.

  3. I held a sub-7 through mile 19 and then the wheels came off. Lots of walking breaks etc.

  4. Still, my “bad” pace was better than most folks’ best, and after three awful marathons in my last four, will take a finish with tight muscles over puking.

  5. Speaking of puking, I’m just not taking in enough gel. I stopped trying to take in a lot of gel when I got sick in Philly in 2015, but I think now it’s the mixture of the gel and the sweet, sweet gatorade that makes me feel ill. I felt off drinking gatorade during the great 10 miler two weeks ago, even. I’m going to try taking gels at (or near) each 5k and see if I can keep them down and they finally unlock my best performance.

  6. I thought the cool weather was a blessing. It was nice but with the rain I eventually got cold and stiff. So, the opposite of Boston, where it was suddenly hot, basically. Just a little too cold after it was 77 the other day.

  7. This is exactly why I signed up for two races (and probably will do so in any future fall season), because if this had been just one race I would have pushed through, and felt way worse at the end, and still missed my goals.

  8. Night before nutrition was way better. Didn’t feel overly full. I’m slowly figuring out a perfect system for me.

  9. I think in 2015 at my fastest, I was just youthfully energetic, and didn’t need to really take care of myself. I was sick after each race for the whole day and there’s no need for that. I ran to, and through, depletion. No more.

  10. Two days off, back on the horse Tuesday. I know what I need to do now. And I’m going to do it. Now watch it be awful weather in NYC. But I’ll have all my friends and family.


Justin Gerald

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