Five Years of Racing

With last week’s marathon, I’ve officially completed five full years of racing consistently. I technically ran two races before the 2013 marathon, but they were the Empire State Building thing and the Corporate Challenge and those are… barely races.

So here are some things.

Races run: I’m not sure. NYRR has me at 59, but I’ve also run Chicago, Boston (sigh), Hartford, Philly marathons, 3 QueensDistance tuneup races, a charity race in RI, and a race on Roosevelt island. Which is nice more, for 68. Which means my next race will be my 69th. Nice.

And my PRs?

5k: 17:55 (2016)

4m: 23:23 (2016)

5m: 29:37 (2016)

10k: 37:46 (2017)

15k: 58:18 (2015)

10m: 1:00:52 (2018, yay!)

Half: 1:20:16 (2016)

Full: 2:56:24 (2015)

So, yeah, of these 8 main distances I have run a few times (though the 15k is just Corbitt repeatedly and the 4m is mostly the superbowl race), 50% were in 2016 (from March to July), and 25% more were Oct-Dec 2015. So, really, Oct 2015-July 2016 was my best. I am taking next year off from the full distance to focus on trying to get really comfortable running at or below 6:00/mile without needing to go full effort. Someday, all of these will fall.

But yeah, 69 is next, lol.


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