Running in 2018

(Note, I’ll add 6 miles tomorrow, so this is inclusive of that, which will definitely occur)

Miles for the Year: 2596.8, give or take.

Goal is always an average of 200 a month, and I handily beat that, even with some low months.

Lowest month: Oct - 142, because I had two tapers that month.

Highest: Aug - 290, the heat of marathon training.

PRs? Yeah, one, Bronx 10M.

Marathons: 2. Neither was great.

Taking stock of the whole year, it was great. Not the best race results, no, but I was consistently second on the team, and if I can figure out a couple things I can lead the team at times in the future.

I decided to take a year off the marathon in 2019 because I want to try and set some shorter distance PRs and marathon training is just plain hard to do while also trying to hit top speed. I want to see how fast I can truly be.

5k, eh. I’ll shoot for it but it’s not my priority.

I really want a PR in the 5 miler at Team Champs, at the 10k in Queens, and at the half, ideally in BK but if not then at (sigh) SI or Pelham.

I’m forcing myself to take it easy through January and will return to full speed workouts in February to prepare for the real season beginning in Washington Heights.

I lost a lot of excess fat this year and I look and feel good. I need to work on certain muscle groups and I have two years to do it.

Here’s hoping. I most likely won’t have much to say about running before my first race (pre-season) on Superbowl Sunday. Thanks for reading.


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