Corbitt 2018

Ran it in 59:40. 2nd best. Better than 2016 and 2017, not as good as 2015. “Not as good as 2015” is a fine sentence.

My first 5k was hard. It ended up fairly fast but it took a lot of effort. My feet were frozen and I just couldn’t feel them to really get them under me.

Second 5k felt great. I took my gel and got into a groove without even really pushing. Frankly I wasn’t straining at all during this race. I took it easy but strong.

And then I was just tired after Cat Hill 2.

Led the team. Can’t complain about that.

I’ll wrap up the full year of running in a couple weeks. I’m very close to hitting 2500 for the year and that’s pretty cool, considering the injuries and struggles early in the year.


Justin Gerald

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