For Granted

Runners are foolish, you know. 

This month has not been the first time I've been injured, and not even the first time I've stubbornly tried to power through an injury and made it worse.

And every time, when I start to become healthy again, I tell myself not to take the ability to train for granted, because it won't always be there.

And then, months pass in which I am healthy, and I do take it for granted.

My back is still very mildly sore and so I was about 10 seconds per mile slower than I usually am on this Thursday long-ish run. Still, this will be a 50 mile week without the aid of the ellptical or the bike, and by the time I come back from the trip next week, I should be ready to go with absolutely no restrictions.

But I need to remember this past month so that the next time I yank something or roll something I don't freak out and do something stupid.

Who am I kidding though? I will be stubborn next time, and I know it.


Justin Gerald

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