Faster than Last Year

Yesterday I ran my first race since the fall where I actually felt strong.


My goal this year is simple enough: get back to Boston for 2020 and then never go to Boston again.

I have two marathons lined up in the fall. Sure it would be nice to PR, but mostly I just need to stay healthy, and get the right nutrition so I don't get sick during/before the race again.

Instead of fixating on those races, though, the goal is simple: be faster this year than you were last year, in every race.

I failed this goal immediately during my first race of the year, on Superbowl Sunday. But, I was coming off 3 weeks where I was unable to run more than half a mile without considerable pain.

Now that I can actually do both speed and distance work, it was good to see that I could equal my pace from last year. And it was particularly good to see that last year was the thick of marathon training and yet I, coming off an injury, did better this year.

If I don't hurt my back again (big if, but still) and train smart, I should be able to keep improving until the fall.

Not sure how the NYC half will go, but I approach it with excitement and confidence rather than my usual anxiety and trepidation. 



Justin Gerald

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