Anxiety is a liar. A liar that speaks to you from inside your own head with your own voice, so it's hard not to listen.

And of course, sometimes, the liar is right. Sometimes the things you fear really do happen, not because of what the lies said, but just because. Sometimes, if you worry about bad weather at an event, it'll happen. And sometimes, you just might do poorly on that test. 

It's hard to sift through the mud to find the truth underneath it. It's a part-time job, or maybe a full-time one. And anyone who juggles this and comes out standing upright should have your support, even if they wobble occasionally.

Keep going.


Justin Gerald

Age: 28 Hometown: NYC Location: NYC Career: Education Undergrad: Princeton Grad: New School Likes: Cooking, Baseball, Socializing, Parks, Pop Culture, Feminism Loves: Traveling, Running, Lifting, Trivia, Teaching, Equality