Almost There

Not a great race yesterday, and the cause was so clear. I ran the first two miles, including Cat Hill, at or around 6:00/mile. Then when I hit Harlem Hill, I really slowed down. And it wasn't the hill, it was my stomach - I felt like puking and I decided to slow down instead of letting it all go.

My wife thinks that I've become more efficient as I've aged. I used to eat a ton before running, and it wasn't a big problem - I just dealt with it. But these days, in the morning, I do hard workouts and I don't eat anything at all beforehand - just the calories in the sugar I add to my tea.

I get scared, if I don't eat enough, I tell myself, I'll fall apart late in the race. But that doesn't happen when I work out. I need more calories than nothing, but the bananas are too heavy, and I'm forcing myself to eat them.

I have other options, and will use them going forward. Because my speed is THERE. My strength is THERE. It's just time to prove I can be 2015 fast again, because my mind is ready, and I just have to line it up so my body is.


Justin Gerald

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