A Nice Little Race

Yesterday I ran a 5k on Roosevelt Island, and it went well. I almost won, couldn't quite stay with the leader, a college sprinter fellow, and came in second overall. I'll be mailed a prize eventually.

What encouraged me, though, is that, just like the 10k where I got my stomach in my chest, I was at or near (and in this case, below) a 6:00 pace without much trouble. I got tired eventually, yeah, but I didn't slow down, it just got more difficult to maintain the same speed, which is the same way I feel on the track after several repeats.

Will this mean I am suddenly capable of a Good-for-Justin half on Saturday? I hope so.

I have three tiers. My 3 best halves are under 1:22:00. Anything in that range is great. 

My middle tier is between 1:23:00 and 1:27:00. I have 7 halves in that range. 

And then there are the worst 5, from 1:27:04 to 1:35. 

Honestly, if you broke it down further, the 5th best is 1:23:47 (SI 2014), the 10th best is 1:26:56 (NYC this year), and the worst is my first in 2014.

I'm aiming higher than merely reaching my top 5 though. I haven't reached my top 5 in 2 years now and it's high time I get back to running the way I truly can. (And mentally, getting to the sub-1:22 range means I can feel like I won't have too much work to do to get back to my best marathon times from 2015.)

Reach goal of a PR? I dunno. The main goal is to persevere through the hills in Prospect Park and come out not feeling totally wrecked, and then just keep going without getting discouraged, because once I get discouraged, there's no telling how bad it can get on Ocean Parkway - that's a long slog if you're not hyped.

We shall see.


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