Guess who's back? Back again. JG's back. Tell a friend.

Ran 1:23:17 today.

That's slower than my 1:20:16, 1:21:44, and 1:21:59 halves, but faster than all the others, and certainly faster than any half since my body started fighting me in summer of 2016.

I got tired in the second half of the race and did slow down to low 6:30s. But I can work on endurance.

The key today was, when I felt my chest get tight, I consciously controlled my breath, and then pushed back when the ground flattened out. I didn't let myself get down when people passed me on Ocean Parkway, and I finished happily.

I haven't been this happy with a race result since my half PR in early 2016. 

And most importantly, if I had run this right before a marathon I'd be in good position to get back under 3, yet it's May, and I have 5 months, and an entire training cycle. I can't wait to attack those two marathons this fall.



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