Mileage Check

Haven't been writing much. That's probably good, means no wild swings in anxious thoughts? But also I have no races for a while, and school is still months off.

Anyway, so it's the last day of May. That's five months into the year. Let's see how many miles I've run.

Miles in May: 233. Highest of any month thus far this year, which is great since I had two races and thus ran less those weeks. June will be lower, as I intend to deliberately back off a bit, also going on vacation where I really only plan to run just once at most, and also, birthdays and such. Marathon training can begin on July 2nd.

Miles in 2018: 1093. You know, it's not the insane 3,000 mile pace I hit in 2015, but now that I know so much more about my body and what I need to do to be both faster and healthier, this is good. Far above 200 a month (indeed I only need 107 next month to stay above 200 a month for half the year), and this is before my higher mileage training begins. I only need 2000 a year (well, 2018, but still) to feel like I'm running enough, and consider the year began with a series of injuries that jacked me up into March, I'm running well, and going to get faster through the summer.

Will I hit my PRs? I want to PR in the five mile, the 5k, the 18 mile, the 10 mile and the marathon this fall. I won't succeed at all of those, but that's my plan. And I think, by never skipping a week at the track (aside from the week I'm away), and then gradually adding my longer runs back in in July, I should be all set to do at least some of that.


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