My wife always tells me to pick my head up when she happens to see me racing.

My coach tells me to look up from my watch.

They are both right.

What happens is this, though. If I fall behind my pace by more than a little, my head drops. My head drops either to my watch (on the track) or to the ground (in a race), and my head starts with the depressive, "well I'm gonna fail at this so why put all the stress into it anyway, siiiigh."

My head is really what stopped me in NYC last year (the struggles in Boston really were weather). I was anxious so I couldn't keep anything down, and then I just couldn't have fun.

My very best races, I do look at my watch every so often, but I don't obsess. I only obsess when it goes poorly.

It's all in my head, so long as I'm in shape. And it's all in yours too.

Luckily I am healthy and fit these days. Here's hoping I keep my headgame strong next week in BK.


Justin Gerald

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