Marathon Training Begins - Week 1

I'm not going to write one of these every single week, but I'll check in if I'm free.

This was week one. I took it easy between Brooklyn and my vacation, including Reunions and my birthday. And this was the first full, regular week, with two "hard" workouts (1 bridge, 1 track), two easy but solid pace (7:45 or so) 10 mile midweek runs, two easy shorter runs (6.7 and 7.5), and one longer run (15.74).

And that's basically how it's going to be. What I do on the track each week will change. And the length of the long runs will gradually grow until it hits 22ish in late September. I'm about 5 weeks from hitting 20 on the first Saturday of August, after which it will just be about getting faster.

So, July will be endurance built back up with a bit of racing (Team Champs mixed in).

Miles this week: 68.47

Miles in training: 123.1



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