Training - Week 4

Today marked the start of the period where I have only two weekends "off" before the first taper. Every week, aside from two, I'm running 18+ miles, or racing (or both).

It goes:

19 (just now)

Team Champs


off! (which really means 13)


Percy Sutton


off! (13, and then a wedding, which means I must dance)

18M marathon Tune-up

My favorite long run that I haven't done in 3 years, 22ish miles on the Manhattan/WBurg/Pulaski/Qboro/Triboro bridges


Taper week


Blue Line Run (but that's only 11.4, so it's taper)





I feel good about next week, and really all future weeks. Today I followed my goal, stay out of my chest (ie never push hard enough to feel it burn in my lungs), and was still only 30-40 seconds off goal marathon pace (which is about 6:30-6:35 ideally, and I was running 7:15).

I haven't felt this good during training since winter 2016, which ended with the first Boston disaster, but it's impossible for it to suddenly be 20 degrees warmer in the fall than it has been in the summer, so I'm good.

I really see good things happening. Starting next week, weather permitting. 

Miles this week: 72.34 (after 7.5 easy ones tomorrow, which will occur)

Miles in training: 332.54, 29% of the way to the miles I'll run up to and including the finish line on the first sunday of November.


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