Training - Week 2

Got new shoes yesterday. Haven't run in them yet, aside from the treadmill at the store. Will debut them on the bridge tomorrow. Exciting.

The shoes should last me through the marathon tune-up in late Sept, when I'll get the pair that will take me through the two marathons.

I really feel good about this summer and fall. PRs? Maybe, maybe not. I'm running happily and without anxiety, and not finishing races feeling ill. Finally managing to be fast and feel good. Hoping to get back to my fastest while still feeling this way.

Broke 70 this week for the first time since 2016 (when I did it a lot, just punished myself).

Step-back week, then another 70, then a race week, then my first 20.

Miles this week: 70.76

Miles during training: 193.86, in 20 days


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