Training - Week 8

I wrote earlier this week about how my midweek long runs went very well. And that was really good.

Speed work was strong Wednesday. I don't know what my best reps were in 2015 and 2016 at my fastest, though I know I was at 2:45 on 800s and I've only managed 2:50 this year. 

My long run was 20 miles yesterday. I basically mashed Summer Streets and a CP loop together. 

The loop in the park was great, about 7:05 pace, even on the hills. Summer Streets was alright on the way south, but coming back north the humidity really go to me, I turned my watch off and just finished.

It happens sometimes. It happened last year. I didn't have to cut it short, though, and overall it wasn't really a set back. Just difficult weather. If next week's 5k goes well I'll be in a good place. And it's good that there's a few more chances at good, fast long runs (one more 20 on 9/1, the tune-up on 9/16, 22 miles on 9/22) before the taper.

Good, hard work.

Longest week of the year thus far (barely), with only one longer week (75, in late sept) on the calendar.

More than halfway to the end.

Miles this week: 72.83

Miles in training: 577.72



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