Training - Week 9

Great bounce back after a rough 20 last week. Glad we got a break weather-wise.

Monday, hit my goal on the bridge. 

Tues/Thurs, no PRs or anything but both were smooth.

Weds, ran the mile repeats at 5k pace. Managed 5:55, hoped to do that in today's 5k.

And then today, I did that (well, 5:56). Weather wasn't bad. Wasn't too sunny. Hilly but only one was really steep. Sped up mile over mile over mile. 

The hard work is paying off, even if my top top speed isn't as fast as earlier. And I led the team today, though Jon was away. Still a nice feeling to be a leader.

Miles this week (after tomorrow's 7 shakeout miles): 56.91

Miles in training: 634. Fewer than 500 until Tavern on the Green.


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