Training - Week 6

Biggest week since 2016 and one of best ever.

No races. Hit 20 yesterday (barely, it was 20.08), ran 7:15 average. My PR marathon pace is 6:44, and my goal is 6:40 this fall. That seems like a lot faster, but back when I was at my fastest I wasn't training faster than 7:00 on any given day really. I'm back to the consistent push I've been giving myself on long runs and it's nice.

Speedwork wasn't great this week. Very humid, couldn't break a 5:00 on the 400s. But there isn't much to be done about such weather.

Very happy with training season so far.

Miles this week (most of year so far!): 72.82

Miles in training: 443, just under 40% of the way from the start until the end of the NYC marathon.


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