Training - Week 10

This is sort of an odd week. I went out of town yesterday so am using tomorrow's holiday for my long run.

Otherwise, I had my absolute best Thursday steady state run, finishing in 76:12, despite the heat. The bridge repeats went well, and it was overall a nice week.

This was sort of a ho hum week mileage wise (60), but that's okay because next week is the peak mileage week of the whole season, as I'll be crossing 80 for the only time this year, starting with 22 tomorrow morning.

After tomorrow, though, I have an easy weekend next week, then it's just the tune-up, another 20, and the Bronx before the two marathons. So I've got 4 hard long runs/races left before the marathons. That seems like a lot, but I'm far more than halfway to my destination, and there's no sense in stopping now.

Miles this week: 60.16

Miles in training: 694 (which means I'll hit 700 during my long run tomorrow, with the plan to end up with about 1130 by the time I get to Taven on the Green.


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