Training - Week 13

No qualifications to say this was my best week of training, which is good since I’m pretty much done.

Yes, it was cooler, but that wasn’t really the factor.

I’ve been working on my form, as we all should be, and like many I tend to hunch after I’ve been running a long time. I know this, and I try to fight it but it still happens.

I didn’t pay much attention to my form at the start of races/long runs. I figured you start with better form, and it can gradually slide.

But lately, on the advice of my wife (who is usually right about these things), I focused on staying ram-rod straight from step one of each run. And wow, I bashed through lots of goal paces and records and, best of all, wasn’t really putting any strain on my lungs and heart.

Tuesday, my usual run up by the factories, suddenly was able to do faster than I ever had before, by about 8 seconds a mile.

Wednesday, ran over the bridge, not the fastest time ever but far ahead of my goal pace and again, without feeling strain.

Thursday, same thing, fastest I’ve ever done on that route to the Navy Yard.

Then yesterday, I closed out my solo-20-mile-run, my 4th of this training season, with my best one yet.

It was still pretty warm, 70 degrees and sunny, which was not ideal. But I focused on form from step one, and it is much easier to maintain than to retain. I ran a smooth MP+60 for the entire first 18ish miles, then took it easy over the bridge home.

20 days until marathon #1. Just the Bronx (which, barring heat, should go well) next week.

And, I hit 900 miles in training today, in 3 months and 4 days. I won’t hit 1000 until I’m ten miles into my first marathon of the year, so it’s definitely taper time.

Miles this week: 61.26

Miles in training: 900.82 (80% of the way to the second and final finish line)


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